Bigville Murals

Bigville Murals is a collaborative art project that invites teams of bigheads holders to create unique murals using the Bighead NFTs they own. This manual provides a comprehensive guide to the project, including rules, team composition, and ways to determine the winning team for each round.

Project Rules and Setup

2.1. Mural Creation

  1. Each team has a canvas made of square pixels.
  2. Each square pixel is represented by a Bighead token.
  3. Bighead holders can set the following properties for each Bighead they own:
    1. Background color
    2. Shape fill color
    3. Background square stroke color
    4. Shape stroke color
    5. Shape (circle, square, or triangle)
    6. Shape's stroke width (0-4)
    7. Background square stroke width (0-4)

2.2. Default Values

If the Bighead holder does not set custom values, the following default values will apply:

  1. Background color: same as the corresponding Bighead background.
  2. Shape: square.
  3. Shape stroke width: 1.
  4. Shape stroke color: black.
  5. Background stroke width: 0.
  6. Shape color: same as the corresponding Bighead background.

2.3. Multiple Bigheads

Bighead holders can set values for multiple owned Bigheads in one shot, as long as the values are the same. This is to help save transaction fees.

2.4. Square Positions

The square positions do not necessarily correspond with the token ID, and positions can change based on patterns and other factors (e.g., the number of minted tokens or holder traits).

Project Timeline

Each round of the project runs for one month, three weeks for teams to collaborate on their mural canvas and one week for voting, auctioning, and selecting a winner by an impartial judge.

Winning Team Determination

4.1. Third-Party Judge

An impartial judge evaluates and scores the artworks based on a predetermined set of criteria. The team with the highest score receives 3 points.

4.2. Artwork Auction

The resulting artworks are auctioned as NFTs. The team with the highest revenue or bid wins the round and receives 4 points.

4.3. Social Media Engagement

The level of engagement (likes, shares, retweets, etc.) on social media platforms, mainly Twitter and on Discord. The team getting the most votes here receives 2 points.


  1. All auction returns of all auctioned pieces go to the winning team.
  2. The winning team's art piece is minted in a murals collection, while the losing teams pieces are minted as part of a secondary garbage collection.
  3. The winning team may collaborate with the judge on the next piece.

Team Composition

6.1. Bigville City Council

Once all 10010 tokens are minted, the 10 1/1s form the Bigville city council. The council has veto power to change the winner but needs a 7/10 vote to do so.

6.2. Four Teams

With all tokens minted, there will be four teams, each with 2500 square pixels and a 50x50 canvas.

6.3. Before Full Token Minting

There will be at least two teams, and the canvas size depends on the number of tokens minted.

Details mentioned here may change as development progresses. Any changes will be communicated.